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Information and communication are our partner in life and one of our goals is to acquire information. And how this site needs to make goals for your own needs in daily life. To listen to and read the news and information using the internet.

Users and Readers of this site, welcome and nice to meet you here in Nuggetro. This blog site name came from the word nuggets or a piece of information. This is a site where a variety of information you can read that inspires to you and the community. Through digital world of internet. Nuggetro came from the root word "nug" + get + tro or "nugget" + tro, where you can get a piece of information where you can believe in it.

We're in Nuggetro we do our best to meet your needs and expectations beyond us. All the information and news here is true. And we hope that all your needs is answered and solve using our site. We're not here if you're not also here on this site as our valuable visitors.


  1. Arnel G. Cartoneros- Blog Administrator, Writer, Publisher, Blog Creator
  2. Patrick M. Greene- Author, Writer
  3. Ailsa Ewert- Author, Writer
  4. Edwin Deponte- Author, Writer

As we believe the originality and belief in our goal, we at the Nuggetro we do our best for the transparency of all the contents of this site. Any abnormalities of the contents posted here, kindly report to this page:Contact Us. And trust us to make actions to resolve any abnormalities and solve the problem.

If you have capabilities and put your trust in us, be a part of our team and show your ability to write about this world. By sharing your knowledge, experience, the community around you by putting it into writing and show to this world. Kindly read the guidelines here: Author Guidelines

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